Zoning department

Note: Double-click on the map to zoom in. Individual zoning districts on the map are labele along with block numbers. The Development Services Division is the current planning branch of the Regulatory and Economic Resources Department , and among other . The general purpose of zoning is to guide and regulate the planning, subdividing, and development of land in order to promote and protect . It is designed to carry out the .

Charee Carney (Technical Assistant – Land Use).

Zoning Ordinance Text and Maps.

The purpose of the Board of Adjustment is to provide . Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30AM-4:30PM. The laws also regulate the size and boundaries of private property. This office is responsible for administering the zoning laws of the City of Hoboken , Hudson County and the State of New Jersey. These regulations set standards for businesses in our . All meetings are open to the public and are advertised in . Address: North Street PO Box 203.

The online code is updated periodically after the . To insure that you have the most current text, . The zoning ordinance consists of various districts. Each district has development standards such as permitted uses, building height, parking, setback, and . Use the zoning map to find out the zoning and other information about property in the City of Fort Worth. The Building Department directs building project applicants through the requirements of zoning , permitting process, plan review, and conducts mandatory . Browse zoning maps and other important information regarding planning and zoning. The Board regulates applications seeking relief ( variances) from existing zoning ordinances and conducts hearings on applications . The office hours are from 9AM – PM.

Here is the cities zoning ordinance. The updated document can be found here. The Town of Kitty Hawk is divided into three basic zones: beach zones, villages zones, and Kitty Hawk Woods.

Learn more about the zoning ordinance and code enforcement in the City of Chaska.

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