White wax wood

All Master Equipment and Supplies Company has been serving the martial arts communities for over years. The discovery of the amazing strength and durability of White Wax Wood has just recently become well publicized. This is the White Wax Wood Bo Staff Without Bark.

Glossy Privet, Chinese Privet or Broad-leaf . The flowers are similar to other privets, white or near white , borne in panicles, and unpleasantly pungent.

Ligustrum lucidum is also known to the West as the wax tree privet .

The White Wax Wood Staff is in limited supply.

Wax wood is light, flexible, and strong. The staff bottom diameters vary from approximately to 1. Did you know wax also works its magic on raw wood ? Wooden Weapon – Wax Wood Staff. Ideal martial arts bo staff forms and katas.

White wax bo staff made from stong white wax wood. Available in straight or tapered. Oak has grooves open-enough to fill with wax , and furniture finishers use a. Approximately inches per section. Important: This item can not be shipped to states of Arizona, . Wholesale white wax wood from China white wax wood Wholesalers Directory. Macho Martial Arts Weaponry, White Wax Straight Bo Staff.

Straight white wax wood bo staff for martial arts weapons training, demonstration and performance. How to whitewash wood using liming wax. You can also check Cold Steel knives for an alternative, they offer white waxwood staffs of various lengths.

I quickly applied one coat of . Chinese White Waxwood Kung Fu Staff for kids classes and summer camps. Our waxwood kung fu staff is light and flexible yet strong enough for traditional . Traditional waxwood staff is approximately in length. Extra shipping charges apply due to length.

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