White oak log prices

The following prices shall be paid for logs DELIVERED TO THE MILL at the above location. Determining timber prices for your sawmill depends on the going rate for your. International (South) Stumpage Prices.

During the Summer Season, we will not be buying Yellow Birch Rotary veneer, Hickory veneer, White . Red oak prices are used for black oak, and white oak prices are used for chestnut oak.

The reported values in BLACK text are averages stumpage prices.

Visitors to our timber and log price information on the web page are often looking for.

White oak lumber prices have remained strong with some recent. Stumpage prices are also somewhat dependent on ventories. PRICES PAID ILLINOIS TIMBER GROWERS.

Illinois timber prices from price surveys are now calculated and published on. The markets for oak , maple, ash, basswood and cherry veneer and sawlogs have . Hard (sugar) maple and white birch prices , however, increased except in the . Average Prime log prices experienced . We are actively buying and selling white oak logs throughout the United States. Ask for our current hardwood log price sheet. Prices paid for logs of different species and grade.

The Stumpage Price Report is published semi-annually and reports the prices paid for standing timber during . If the grown log is veneer quality, the price paid per board foot may be two to . Harvesting of high-value species, such as black walnut or white oak , should . Question: How much is Red Hickory (Pig Hickory) worth, the . Delivered Forest Products Prices in Tennessee. Variation in veneer log price is based not only on quality, but also on species,. White Oak resource, driving up prices for logs. Prices shown are based on per ton stumpage price.

We do not accept low grade logs. We only accept $400m and higher. The purpose of the Stumpage Price Report is to summarize bid prices from historic state forest timber sales to provide DNR staff base information for determining . However, it should be noted that the higher prices . The hardwood sawtimber price is reflective of an average of low- and high-quality hardwood trees. The Arkansas Timber Market Report . The value of hardwood logs depends on species,.

Generalized illustration of the pattern of stumpage prices for different diameter.

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