Wax wood staff

Foot Wax Wood Staff – The discovery of the amazing strength and durability of White Wax Wood has just recently become well publicized. Traditional waxwood staff is approximately in length. Extra shipping charges apply due to length.

Our waxwood staff is light and flexible yet strong . White wax bo staff made from stong white wax wood.

Ideal martial arts bo staff forms and katas.

Martial Arts Supplies martial arts staff bo staff weapons Waxwood Staff.

The staff has been constructed from wax wood , making it light and durable. Get the Tiger Claw Wax Wood Staff for only $10. Straight white wax wood bo staff for martial arts weapons training, demonstration and performance. Chinese kun, hackberry for the staff for jogo do . Available in straight or tapered. Japanese martial arts, in particular bōjutsu.

Other staff -related weapons are the jō which is 1. Our staff is light and flexible yet strong enough for traditional kung fu practitioner. This is the White Wax Wood Bo Staff. Some of the fundamental aims of the Shaolin staff are to increase the force, speed and distance.

If strength is neede a four foot piece of white waxwood is practically. Approximately inches per section. There are hardwoods such as red oak and white oak and white wax wood which are very . Foam Covered Bo Staff – Black – in.

Fire Staffs: CONTACT Fire Staff – 1. Bo Staff White Wax wood Now available in colourful Carved Dragon. The waxwood staff they sell at coldsteel. One of the students in the Omaha Shinkendo Club has one.

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