Vinyl surface mounting block

Variation: ABT Co – Sandstone – 064. When installing vinyl siding with contoured Fullback insulation, our installation expert Jared explains the benefits of using vinyl mounting block . Install easily on traditional vinyl , insulated and fiber cement siding. Tons of colors and mounting blocks to choose from for vinyl siding accessories. With dozens of selections, our Mount Blocks and Utility Vents have every need covere from components designed for fibre cement siding and insulated siding, .

Distinctive style and matching colors paired with durability .

The industry standard for mounting all exterior fixtures on any surface.

Electrical code approved mounting block ensures proper installation of light fixtures. Snaps easily over the Electrical Mount to enlarge the mounting surface for . White Surface Series Scalloped Siding Block . White Recessed Electrical Box Scalloped Siding Block . Description: Provides bigger mounting surface to match large light fixtures, smaller meter applications, mailboxes or house numbers. Split Bock Minis Mid-America Electrical Mount Blocks Mid-America Surface . Mounting surface is scored for electrical knockout. The block should be rectangular and large enough to accommodate . A complete line of mounting blocks for mounting exterior lighting to siding. Made of durable polyurethane, these light blocks can be painted or stained to match . Vinyl mounting blocks are available for almost any lap and securely hold lights upright.

How to Add Outlets Easily With Surface Wiring: The Family Handyman . Novik mounting blocks will fit any siding in any color. Cable clamp in back surface of outdoor electrical box. Vinyl siding can be pulled off and later reattached. The vinyl -siding manufacturers make special attachments for mounting receptacle boxes, . Shop Severe Weather White Vinyl Flush Mount Block at Lowes.

The largest product offering in the industry means that Mid-America has the attractive, durable vinyl accessories you need to finish the job right. Get the right finishing touches for your fiber cement or sided exterior. SturdiMount mounting blocks for plumbing and electrical provide long-lasting beauty.

A metal plate can be positioned over the mounting block to provide the. The vinyl mounting block adds stability to the electrical fixture .

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