Vinyl siding light mounting blocks

The integrated cutoffs adapt to all . Works as described and fits nicely against the vinyl siding on my house. Install easily on traditional vinyl , insulated and fiber cement siding . When installing vinyl siding with contoured Fullback insulation, our installation expert Jared explains the benefits of using vinyl mounting block . Connect wires and install fixture per.

White heavy duty vinyl one piece construction.

Ideal for mounting exterior lights , dryer vents, faucets and receptacles.

Mount box section to substrate. Return flange for hidden installation. Electrical code approved mounting block ensures proper installation of light . The perfect choice for mounting light fixtures and receptacles after siding has been. For installing exterior fixtures on all types of siding : woo aluminum, vinyl , stucco , . The block should be rectangular and large enough to accommodate . Similar to the one pictured above. A complete line of mounting blocks for mounting exterior lighting to siding.

Made of durable polyurethane, these light blocks can be painted or stained to match . Light Blocks, or siding mounting blocks provide the simplest way to flush mount exterior lighting fixtures to siding. The one-piece design can be used after siding installation to mount all types of . If your home plans call for an exterior makeover, look to Builders Edge. From window shutters, roof vents and gable vents to door and window trim, we make it . If you install the mounting block flush with the siding, they will rub as the vinyl siding shifts.

Over time, this can loosen the siding and destabilize the light fixture.

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