Tiger maple

Curly Maple (Hard Maple) lumber, turning woo hobby wood and instrument wood. Discover why woodworkers accross the nation go to CR Muterspaw Lumber to buy their Tiger Maple and Tiger Maple Lumber from. Matched Cherry, Walnut and Tiger Maple table tops that are kept together from the log.

Resembles Hard Maple being closed- grained but much softer. Find great deals on eBay for Tiger Maple in Lumber for Woodworking Arts and Crafts.

Buy individual boards and see pictures of each.

Curly Figured Luthier Wood for wood workers and instrument makers.

One of the most common figure patterns is curl (curly koa image 1). Large hand picked selection of figured maple, including curly maple and quilted maple ideal for luthiers and furniture makers. When Soft Maple has highly figured wood it is usually Tiger Maple. Johnson has been one of the leading suppliers of tiger ( curly ) maple lumber in the country, servicing furniture makers throughout New . We carry Soft Maple wood please visit our site to learn more about Soft Maple. Red Maple, Tiger Maple , Ghost Maple, Spalted Maple, Abrosia Maple, Curly . These curly maple wood veneer sheets are known by many names including flame, tiger, and fiddleback maple.

This curly soft maple is highly figured with tiger -striped rays running perpendicular to the grain pattern. Browse our online gallery today. Similar in density to cherry woo Tiger Maple is of the “soft” variety, but only in its comparison to the “hard” sugar maples. It tunes and planes well, and has long . Probably the only tiger or curly maple knobs available on or off line , these are well figured and well sanded.

In maple , a tight curl that in any other wood would be called fiddleback is often ( but not always) just called curly . Welcome to Eldred Wheeler where we sell high quality 18th Century Colonial Reproduction American Made Handcrafted furniture made in the United States. See more ideas about Tigers, 18th century and Antique furniture. Handmade wooden walking sticks, neurologist-designe maple walking staff, made in usa, rehabilitation aid for hip replacement and surgery. Supplier of high quality tonewoods specializing in figured maple and exotic hardwoods.

Large inventory of guitar tonewood top sets. But how can you finish it to bring out its full loveliness? Hi, I was wondering if anyone can tell me what this wood actually is?

Lonnie Bird shares the secret for re-creating the distinctive stripes, three- dimensional depth, and rich amber color of an antique tiger maple . Enjoy the scattered curls that define highly figured curly maple wood veneer sheets at Oakwood Veneer Company.

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