Shutter precision

Mass production for digital camera shutter has been launched. Shutter Precision is an old camera shutter manufacturer. These hubs are powerful, lightweight, efficient and reliable. High efficiency, lightweight dynamo hubs . After the tall task of finding .

Attention to minor details creates perfection.

The exterior shape is minimalist, but the .

Technology should make life simpler. This innovative hub was devised to . Browse through the brands of products we sell. The PL-uses the Shimano designed centerlock disc . Light, sleek and with electrica. Brake Compatibility, disc, 6-bolt. We have the PD-in black, silver and red.

Available with 2 2 or holes. The PD-is a (bolt) disc version of its 6V3W hub . The lightest and most efficient hub dynamo ever. Recommended for road and urban use. These are two of the most popular options as . The SP PV-Road Bike Dynohub has been tested for efficiency under the most rigorous German StVZO golden standard specification set for bicycle dynamos, . I then have the route downloaded . A new dimension of riding comfort. Every detail has been meticulously considered to accomplish such an enhancement.

Not only the most efficient in its class . I have had zero problems with either wheel. Good value and versatile dynamo hubs in . SP stands for Small but Powerful! Go where ever you want day or night with these lightweight and bombproof dynamo hubs.

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