Shittum wood

Shittahz tree (Hebrew: שטה) or the plural shittim was used in the Tanakh to refer to trees. In the Exodus, the ancient Israelites were commanded to use shittah wood to make various parts of the Tabernacle and of the Ark of the Covenant. Woods of biblical significance, shittim , chittim, chittum, olivewoo carob, sycamore.

Comments: Believed to be the species used to construct the Ark of the Covenant in the Hebrew Bible. Other suspected species include: Faidherbia albida, .

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Definition of shittim wood – Our online dictionary has shittim wood information from The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Over 140words were already uploaded. Bible, wood of the shittah tree, probably an acacia , from which the Ark of the Covenant and furniture of the Tabernacle were made.

Related to shittishittim wood . English dictionary definition of shittim. The Shittah tree grew in the deserts of Sinai, and the deserts around the . See verse in context: And thou shalt make staves of shittim wood , and overlay them with gold. Acacia essential oil, acacia absolute is also known as the Shittah tree or shittim wood.

Therapeutic Uses: skin care (dry, sensitive skin), perfume, depression and . Called also Shittah, a tree, the wood of which is fragrant. Verses 6-8-And thou shalt make staves for the altar, staves of shittum wood , and overlay them with brass. And the staves shall be put into the rings, and the . Shittim , a place East of the Jordan:- Shittim. Amygdalus Communis (Almond tree).

Do carpenters choose two-by-fours made of thorn wood ? They were the trees from which the Tabernacle and some of its utensils were made: “And they shall . Biblical powerhouse prophet Moses . Here the verb is in the third person plural: ve-asu aron atzei shittim , “They shall make an ark of acacia wood. I also have olive wood and Shittum wood. Openings, Open woods = Savanna. Wood of this tree is reported to have been used in Ancient Egypt to make coffins . And He said unto him, Make an ark (or, tabernacle) of wood that cannot be eaten by worms, and overlay it.

It is known in Hebrew as the shittah or shittum tree.

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