Sapele pommele

Charles Stem, president of The Wood Gallery Inc. Wood Knobs, IN, is often asked by customers to describe the look of sapele pommele. Quartersawn sapele veneer is very even in color and grain. The highly sought- after pommele (pom-el-LAY) sapele is stunning.

The figure is absolutely extraordinary.

If you are looking to show off, than .

Just wanted to show the amazing three dimensional movement and depth of the grain on this custom made coffee table top.

For me the grain is magnificent. Botanical Name: Entandrophragma cylindricum. Origin: West, Central and East Africa. The tree is also known as aboudikro. This exotic wood veneer has medium to dark reddish-brown color with blistered and bubbled figure.

The grain is wavy and the texture fairly fine. Hearne Hardwoods with over 1species of domestic and exotic hardwoods in stock, is one of the largest specialty lumber yards in the world. The Pommele figure is getting very hard to find in lumber or turning . Roser is leader in the Swiss veneer market with worldwide exports.

Sycamore , English – Quartere Figured. Color: Reddish-brown in colore. Sapele Quarter Broken Fiddleback. All trees are made of cells and fibers usually running from the root to the . For international shipping and fulfillment, please contact the office. Common Names: Mechanical Values.

Pommele is the French term for dappled and it is especially apt for describing highly figured woods like sapele , makore and bubinga when the so-called quilted . SnapCab patented interlocking panel system. Panels are fire rate elevator code and LEED compliant. Zimbabwe, South Africa Category: Premium.

Cameroon, West Africa Category: Standard.

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