Rice paper window film

When illuminated by light, the visual . Enjoy greater privacy and aesthetics by installing this Artscape Rice Paper Decorative Window Film. Designed to create the visual effect of textured glass. The Artscape Rice Paper Decorative Window Film adds an element of style to any room in your home while giving you privacy.

Made of vinyl, these translucent films are washable.

They allow natural light to enter the room, but .

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The subtle design of this peel and stick window film is the perfect accent to any . Block unsightly views and nosy people in style with this privacy and light-filtering window film. Enjoy the light while not allowing others to see inside. It can be applied to windows, . Trove window films show images of flowers, shells, smoke, trees and other organic. Trove wallcoverings are printed on linen-texture recyclable paper or . Translucent embossed vinyl film. Simulates shiny sand blasted glass with Rice Paper patterns.

Ideal for obscuring direct visibility while allowing excellent light . GILA Rice Paper Window Film provides that privacy right where you need it. Increase Your Privacy with $DIY Window Frosting. I just installed the rice paper vinyl on the french doors in my home office. Default sorting, Sort by popularity, Sort by average rating, Sort by . The Austin privacy design looks like Rice Paper or Cracked Glass.

Cling film decorates and adds privacy to windows , glass doors and more. This number, between (clear) and (opaque), . This self-adhesive vinyl film comes in rice paper color. It is perfect to apply to almost any window.

Allowing light in while preventing unwanted eye.

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