Remnant definition

Remnant definition , a remaining, usually small part, quantity, number, or the like. The noun remnant can also be used to refer to leftover things other than cloth. The origin of the word might help you remember this, more all-purpose, meaning . Remnant means that which remains of an original body or substance.

A piece of fabric remaining after the rest has been used or sold.

A surviving trace or vestige: a remnant of his past glory.

Meaning of remnant medical term.

Define remnant (noun) and get synonyms. Remnant or remnants may refer to: Remnant (Bible), in the Bible. Remnant ( Seventh-day Adventist belief), remnant concepts within the Seventh-day Adventist . Synonyms for remnant at Thesaurus.

Information and translations of remnant in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the . Definition of remnant in the Definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day. One side has the wor one side has the definition. Video shows what remnant means.

The remaining fabric at the end of the bolt. Usually not enough to make an entire project by itself, remnants of several fabrics can be used to make quilts. An unsold end of piece goods, as cloth, ribbons, . Bioregion and subregion analysis of remnant regional ecosystem. Defining remnant status in non-woody dominated vegetation, such as . Catholicism never reduced to specific, . We manage several remnant areas at the Arboretum and throughout the state. This process is called ecological restoration and is defined by the Society for . Remnant inventory is usually defined as an ad inventory which is not sold directly by in house sales teams with guaranteed delivery.

Ad impressions that have not been sold directly to an advertiser that must be monetized in other ways. Read medical definition of Ovarian remnant syndrome. This term is also used for the balance . Remnant meaning in Hindi : Get meaning and translation of Remnant in Hindi language with grammar,antonyms,synonyms and sentence usages.

Remnant vegetation or bushland can be defined as those patches of native trees, shrubs and grasses still remaining.

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