Reclaimed tin

Corrugated tin is covered with character and will have surfaces that range in levels from lightly to fully rusted. For that special project nothing takes the place of our Antique Tin. Protecting there inhabitants for generations, this decorative material has the look that only time . Old rusty tin barn roofing reclaimed from 1year old barns.

Our tin is typically available in sheets measuring 2″ x 8′.

Every sheet has different colors and textures.

Decorate your ceilings, walls and more.

See more ideas about Corrugated . Inspiration: Barn Tin and Salvaged Wood Arrows: Chipping with Charm. Came from historic Basque sheep ranch in Southern Idaho. Reclaimed Old Window Rusty BARN TIN MAGNETIC Board by EightySix56. Fully rusty and beat up to galvanized or slightly rusty, differing corrugated patterns, all has nail holes . The reclaimed wood exchange has created video to help explain efficient ways for preparing rusted tin successfully for buyers and sellers to . This decorative roofing system is crafted from authentic reclaimed barn metal.

A variety of finishes are available to create that special look for any project. Most of our Metal Roofing is reclaimed and deconstructed from antique barns, factories, and old warehouses from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, . Building getting cleaned out front: Best reclaimed wood find ever! We offer reclaimed wood flooring, barn siding, antique wood beams and fireplace . Barn Tin Ceiling Tile – Stamped from rusty corrugated barn tin salvaged from old Texas barns.

Complete our order form to learn more about what is currently in stock. Texas flag handmade from reclaimed corrugated authentically rusted reclaimed tin. Antique Kitchen With Tin Range Hood and White Glazed Cabinets.

This sign is handmade in our shop located in Waco, TX. It is made from reclaimed barn wood. These tables are hand made with reclaimed barn board and tin and make excellent servers, buffets, or sofa tables. Plane Over New York ON RECLAIMED METAL.

Hand painted oil on reclaimed tin roof panels. Different species and colors ranging from silver-gray-charcoal-brown. Old style corrugated tin removed from old barns . Original reclaimed American pressed tin tile.

Handcrafte original signs made from age reclaimed wood and barn roof tin from barns and fallen structures in middle Tennessee.

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