Power line safety

Downed power lines are dangerous. Contact with overhead power lines is the leading cause of electrical fatalities for agricultural workers. Of the 0reported power line contact incidents from . Please familiarize yourself with the . What you learn could save your life, or the life of .

Learn the true power of powerlines, and the devastating consequences of coming in contact with one.

Anything can happen in an instant if .

Severe weather happens year-round. Power Line Safety after the Storm. Tornadoes, hurricanes and other storms can seriously damage power lines and other . Our safety program features six important rules to follow when working around power lines. Demonstration of the hazards associated with high voltage electricity. Presentation illustrates electrical arc flash, electrical faults, and downed . This video deals with the dangers of working near overhead and underground power lines.

Dramatic footage and computer animation show . Energized lines can charge the ground near the point of contact and may electrocute. To learn more about downed power line safety , watch the video below: . Hawaiian Electric is committed to ensure safety. Here are some important reminders to stay safe near power lines. Always use extreme caution near wires and power lines —for your own safety , assume they are live and deadly. PECO urges you to stay away from overhead power lines.

Keep people, tools, and equipment at least feet away from overhead distribution power lines . Stay away from downed power lines and avoid floodwaters. Keep away from all downed power lines. A power line that touches the ground can shock or kill you even if you do not touch it. Staying clear of high-voltage, overhead power lines is vital to your safety and the safety of others on the job and at home.

Your Cooperative wants to help our members stay safe around power . June is National Safety Month and is the official start of home improvement season. Many times outages can be extended due to safety issues.

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