Metal patch and fill compound

FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Ready-to-use metal repair putty, dent filler and patching compound. Durable metal filler for fast, permanent repairs. A unique, quality problem-solver! High-performance, metal -filled epoxies permanently repair or rebuild critical equipment and quickly return it to service, minimizing expensive downtime and .

Repairs broken, rusted or corroded metal.

Fixes gutter, grates, fencing, duct work, tanks, aluminum boats.

Waterproof and resistant to oil . When filling deep holes or cavities, the putty should be applied in thin layers, less . Full-bodied for all types of interior and exterior patching. Use to fill cracks, gaps and holes in woo metal , masonry, etc. Silica-free formula does not sag or crack . Let the compound dry as directed by the manufacturer. M Lightweight Body Filler quickly and easily fills in dents, scrapes, chips,. Great for use on woo metal , aluminum, fiberglass and masonry.

Filler is compatible with all paint systems to create seamless patches that . Putty For Metal Casting, castings porosity, blow holes repair, aluminium epoxy putty,. Apply piocol Fixup Metal putty filler and patch up the surface instead of. The non-rusting, non- magnetic dependable inert putty extensively used for fairing, repair, filling or patching of stainless steel fittings, components, castings and . Spread drywall compound over the patch , feathering out the edges.

Loctite Metal -filled Compounds repair, rebuild and restore damaged machinery and equipment permanently and without the need of heat or welding. BLUE MAGIC quick steel extreme high temperature metal repair withstands temperatures up . Fill Pits in Aluminum or Steel. Patching non-structural defects in steel castings.

EZ- TexMarine Epoxy Repair Compound . For fairing steel and aluminum hulls. Steel epoxy: A two-part compound sold in tubes, steel epoxy is quite similar to regular epoxy. Plastic metal cement: Plastic metal is one-part adhesive and filler.

Make fast, permanent repairs, especially before . Typical applications, Bonding, shimming, filling , gluing, patch repairs and many more. The good news is, with the proper patching compound you can permanently. Auto-body filler must be applied to bare metal , so begin by sanding the area . Easy-to-use filler can be drille file sanded and painted.

Works on metal , woo and concrete. Apply the patch over the hole and then cover the patch with filler. You then spread filling compound all over the metal surface of the patch but avoiding the . Dent filler withstands temperatures to 350°F or one-time exposures to 425°F.

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