Mending plates for trusses

Simpson Strong-Tie has been involved in the component industry for decades. Our manufacturing facility consistently produces top-quality plates with some of . Mending Plate – Enjoy this versatile and easy-to-use mending plate for wood-to-wood connection. Versatile and easy to use mending plates for wood to wood connections.

No nails or notching of wood required.

Truss Plates are light gauge metal plates used to.

They are also known as stud ties, metal connector plates, mending plates , or nail plates.

However, not all types of nail plates are approved for use in . A versatile and easy-to-use mending plate for wood-to-wood connections. These non-structural connectors are ideal for general fix-up work. Nail-on Plates , OSB or Plywood gussets are attached in place of the missing . These products are not intended for structural use.

These plates are not intended for use in truss assembly. The model TPPStraight Prong Mending Plate by USP Lumber Connectors is an essential addition to any construction and repair hardware inventory. T- plates , straight styles available. Wood roof trusses connected with metal plates have revolutionized the way we build houses.

Our Galvanized Mending Plates are manufacturing using high quality steel by. Our Mending Plates are made of heavy duty . Find and save ideas about Mending plates on Pinterest. Eagle Metal connector plates are well known throughout the industry for their. Notice the mending plates that are not attached to anything?

Any ideas on why these would be on the trusses not functioning for anything? Used for non-structural applications only. Buy Wickes Mending Plate 50x100mm MPonline at Wickes.

Do not use for truss applications. For non- structural or truss applications Used to connect two timbers .

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