Keder rail

With stellar customer service and fast turn around time. Rigid PVC rail that is used to connect two pieces of fabric. This rail accepts 5mm, 6mm and 7. A selection of aluminium and PVC keder rails for keder from 5mm – 15mm.

Daily deliveries throughout New England and nearby New York.

Tent keder and Aluminium Rails.

And your special sizes can be produced as well!

We offer rails in several sizes and styles. All our rails are ready to ship next business day. We stock aluminium keder rails which can be fitted to your structures. In conjunction with the familiar sheeting with keder rails , it is the economical and inexpensive complete solution in light-. Installs to your trailer using keder ( awning) rail installed on trailer.

We stock mill finish aluminium keder rails which can be fitted to your structures. We also hold stock of own structure extrusions which can be used as structural . Packaging Details: good quality and better price aluminum profile for tent keder rail. Packing options include master bundling, bare bundling, paper layering, . Keder hall system manages the lot. Includes awning rail kit which you easily install one-time on your trailer. Straight badge, “AIRSTREAM”, Black Chrome.

Starting at the ends of the bottom keder rail closest to the trailer door, insert the right half, and then the left (rear) half of the skirt into the position. Scaffolding tarpaulins and nets. Vertically tensioned panels can be manufactured in any requested length. Gable cover with plug fastening or keder rail division (up to. m) for optimal cover tensioning and wind protection.

Armadillos also have an optional set of simple clip on walls and doors made from durable coated acrylic canvas or rip stop nylon . Trimtrack – Awning rail, keder rail or mast track. In most keder rail systems, the rail is secured to the trusses with TEK screws. These connections are vulnerable to corrosion and improper installation.

There are many advantages with keder system roof structures. The keder connection (where the individual panel is fed into aluminum track) produces no friction .

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