How to hang a shelf on drywall

This is an easy task and can be completed within minutes. First, check to see if your wall is made of drywall or plaster. Measure the length of the shelf you are installing.

The first step in any shelf – hanging project is to locate the studs so you can. Make sure you know how thick your drywall or plaster is before you head to the .

Theyre never around when you need them most, like when youre hanging items on the wall.

Best for: Towel racks on plaster, heavy-duty shelving on drywall and plaster, .

Installing wire shelving , storage shelves , closet shelving with TOGGLER Anchor . No those anchors will NOT be sufficient to hold up THAT shelf. Shelves free up space and conveniently hold items on the walls of your home. Use the following steps on how to put up shelves correctly on walls made of drywall. Here are the different types of drywall anchors, and how to use each.

How to Hang Something Heavy Into Drywall Without Studs. DIY Network shows you four different ways to hang custom shelving. Drywall or wood paneling require little to drill or nail into while delicate. Then run the studfinder along the drywall . Understand the composition of your wall (either drywall , plaster or masonry) . A shelf with lighter material can be attached to the drywall using drywall anchor screws.

Qualihome Drywall and Hollow-wall Anchor A… $7. Then we hook the shelf on the newly set nails – naturally. Used for mounting the Top Track into drywall over wood studs or. The drywall is attached to the furring strips. You will also need hardware for mounting the shelf to wooden studs and to drywall only.

When it comes to hanging things from drywall , a simple screw often. DIYer who wants to hang heavy shelving meant for . Use for concrete and masonry installations. Provides adjustable height options .

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