How to clean a headstone

A gravestone should be cleaned and maintained carefully so as to avoid getting it scratched or tarnished. Covers maintaining and restoring granite headstones, marble tombstones, and bronze grave markers. If there is evidence of any of the following, DO NOT PROCEED with . In honor of the beloved Donna Roberts Zanetti.

Memorial Day Weekend in Rock Springs, WY.

Once you have checked out the stone, you are ready to start actually cleaning.

Follow the directions on your cleanser.

The first question should always be, “does this stone truly need cleaning? Cleaning the headstone does not . To do no damage to your headstone , a cleaning agent . Over time headstones accumulate . FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. This document was developed as general guidance for the cleaning of government issued headstones based on research undertaken by the National Park . A Florida man has made it his mission to clean the decades of grime off tombstones of military veterans. He makes the headstones look better, . No other cleaning product is more trusted by cemetery maintenance professionals. The following post on how to clean and care for gravestones is an updated and edited post, originally written by the late Carolyn L. As the great television commentator Andy Rooney once . This includes but is not limited to: a. If the headstone is in disrepair, do not attempt to clean it.

We design and sell custom monuments, gravestones , headstones , grave markers , pet. Non-ionic detergents are available from janitorial and . Terri Fox of the Dennis Historical Society looks at some of the before and after photos of the headstones that have been cleaned at West . A group of gravestones and monuments, will then be selected to be cleaned , repaired and conserved during the course of the workshop. It will clean the stone without affecting the chemical balance of the stone. HOW TO PROPERLY CLEAN HEADSTONES AND MARKERS.

By CCUS member Susan Dunham of Maine Gravesite Maintenance. Walter Drake headstone cleaner wipes out stubborn debris from granite, marble, concrete and natural gravsteones. Teflon finish helps preserve inscription. The purpose of this article is not to encourage anyone to begin cleaning gravestones , nor to discourage the practice entirely, but rather to encourage caution and .

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