Game of thrones rug

Because it was recently revealed that their capes are actually made from IKEA rugs ! Jon Snow and friends are actually cut up and re-dyed rugs from Ikea. It was recently revealed that the intricate-looking . Game of Thrones fans looking to up their cosplay game need not look any further than IKEA. The oath: My watch shall not end.

While the popular HBO series spends over $million per episode, some of the costume designs .

Image of BD Fine Plush Collection Art Silk Shag Cream Area Rug.

Look for Game Thrones designs or even create your own personalized rugs ! BTS on the latest battle scene if you need . Ikea rugs as pelts and capes for some of its . And they shall wear rugs from IKEA as they defend the Seven Kingdoms from what lies beyond the wall. The story that designer Michele Clapton tells about each of the . That means more woolly capes for all! Trying to find these rugs will give you yet another excuse to spend.

Make your own Night Watch cape from an IKEA rug. Thronies have been flocking to IKEA in their droves, after it emerged that characters from the show get parts of their costumes from the Swedish . Westeros are fashioned from IKEA rugs. The fur capes that are worn in the show are nothing but cheap rugs from . With this quick stop-motion animation, . Hand Painted Coir Doormat With . These capes are actually IKEA rugs ,” Michele Clapton told at . By draping themselves in rugs from IKEA, apparently.

Furniture behemoth IKEA is about to teach you how to make your very own GoT-inspired cape using some of its iconic rugs. Knowledge of the Seven Kingdoms helps too. Game Of Thrones Cloaks Really Be Crafted From An IKEA Rug ?

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