E36 aluminum door panel

Made from long lasting aluminum , not cheap plastic. Will not crack or shatter under stress. BMW Ecustom front aluminum door panels for your saloon chassis.

HARD Motorsport Lightweight Door Panels in your BMW EMand non-M Coupe. Brushed aluminum door cards – ECoupe.

Extended Stainless Steel Brake Lines – EDrift.

Check the wide range of door pull color options on our website!

Image may contain: people sitting. Today we install door panels in the BMW 325is after flocking and see how it turns out. Buy BMW racing body panels made of Carbon Fiber, FIberglass, and other lightweight and. These panels are meant to shed weight and replace the factory door cards on Ecoupes.

They are powder coated aluminum and have the . EAluminum Rear Seat Delete Panel. ERS door panels With speakers – $3shipped Without speakers – $2shipped. BMW EMoulded Door Card Available in carbon fibre or fibre glass. This item is light weight and durable. The new series of ETEM Aluminum Door Panels is an ideal combination of aesthetics and quality.

ETEM Door Panels are presented through different series of . New Pcs Interior Door Panel Clips Suits BMW EEEE46. Universal Aluminum Interior Door Lock Knob Knobs Pins for . At only 2lbs 11oz each they are even lighter than traditional. BMW Motorsport (later called BMW M) version of . The BMW ifeatures door panels made of hemp, which when mixed with plastic . The BMW EMLTW (lightweight) has aluminum door skins to help reduce . So we decided to look into making CSL door panels.

New 4pcs pack Theftproof Aluminum Car Wheel Tire Valves Tyre Stem Air . GT front spoiler with adjustable wind splitter and aero underbody panel. FC Manual Window Aluminum Door Panels. The panels are available in 1xor 2x2CF.

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