Diamond willow sticks unfinished

This page is for UNFINISHED sticks only. Diamond Willow Sticks for sale for canes, walking sticks, hiking sticks, and other wood crafts. At spots where branches begin to grow, a depression or diamond is formed. I got my walking stick unfinished.

Here is an unfinished cane carving blank with LOTS of diamonds!

Diamond willow walking stick (AMAZING carving STAFF!) trekking pole, blank.

There are plenty of knots and lots of unblemished white willow wood.

If you carve sticks and hiking staffs, you will love these unfinished diamond willow sticks. Please note that these walking sticks are sold unfinished so you can . See more ideas about Walking sticks , Willow wood and Walking canes. DIAMOND WILLOW 58″ WALKING STICK ( UNFINISHED ) zCamping. I make them and sell them finishe unfinished , and raw. Brothers Ken and John Laninga of Western Alberta make diamond willow walking sticks . About percent of the sticks the brothers sell are unfinished ones, . Aspen Barn – Custom made hiking sticks in the Southwest tradition.

One of my hobbies over the years has been making hiking sticks for fun, gifts and my own use. I called these guys and asked if they had any oversized unfinished staffs. Hiking Sticks or Staves and Canes from Diamond Willow. Dick, a casual cane collector, uses his canes and wanted the unique diamond willow staff transformed into . Bebb willow (Salix bebbiana) and from.

If you would like to purchase unfinished or finished diamond willow products, visit my Etsy shop: . I have often found diamond willow within walking distance of my home. Willow can be fashioned into walking sticks , canes , vases, lamp bases, candle. Walking Sticks provide stability for everyday strolls and exercise.

Visit our site and shop our handcrafted walking sticks today! Walking Staff for sm Faerie Kings or Queens or Mortal by omordah, $32.

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