Burl pen blanks

We have over species of pen blanks available. The photos are representative samples of the color and variation in the different species. Oregon Big Leaf Maple Burl pen blanks that range from dry to freshly cut.

They are all fully wax sealed to prevent degrade. Our wood pen blanks range from Rhodesian Teak, African Blackwood and Thuya Burl to Black Ebony and East Indian Rosewood.

These premium stabilized pen blanks will make your pens “pop” and your customers drool!

Amboyna Burl pen blanks are one of the most sought after woods we sell.

Red Logwood Burl – non stabilized. CAMATILLO, Australian Eucalyptus Burl , Australian Red Mallee Burl , HAWAIIAN SILKY OAK, MADRONE BURL , CANXAN NEGRO BURL. Listed pricing is per pen blank, bulk pricing is available. WoodPenPro offers an ever increasing variety of wood pen blanks and no puny diameters. SAM mills pen blanks from Box Elder burl cut-offs.

Save lots of money using up waste wood to make beautiful pens. These burl pen blanks have been hand selected for the highest quality and figure , dyed twice with contrasting colors, and stabilized. There are more than 3species in this family. Pen kits, blanks, and supplies for all of your pen creations!

York Gum Burl from one of the blanks below the . We stock primarily North American . Perfectly milled pen blank sizes, eases your pen turning process, providing an easy and. Also called Alpine Burl or Karelian Burl after the Finnish province of Karelia where it is often found. Our stabilized blanks are chosen for their extreme figure caused by spalting, a deterioration of the fibers of the wood by fungi. Stabilized blanks may still may . Pen Blanks РAfrican Blackwood. High quality amboyna burl is becoming very rare.

Click Image below to see pen sample.

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