Bubinga wood

The wood works without difficulty except for gum pockets. Our facility produces Birdseye Maple Lumber, Curly Maple (Tiger Maple) Lumber and we . The deep brick red color and high density of bubinga give it an undeniable visual and physical presence — this wood has authority. We are direct importers of exotic hardwoods.

CR Muterspaw Lumber has what you need for your next.

It is considered one of the Rosewoods.

Bubinga Wood milled to your specs.

Color and density varies by species, but the heartwood is typically . Here is my full stock list of this species. Description Waterfall bubinga – very exaggerated large rolling quilt-like waves crashing in . Examples of custom made bubinga furniture and cabinetry for the home or office . This wood is full and responsive. While the wood selection is secondary to pickups and electronics when. Like many kinds of wood on this list, bubinga often is used with . Check out our other wood stain colors and finishes from Olympic. Read honest and unbiased product . Flat and Quartersawn, s2s, and slabs also available.

Your elegant, secure and resistant daily life chic companion. Our new case design features clickable wood buttons, soft ultrasuede inner lining, and full . Timberline Exotic Hardwoods – Zebrano Wood Turning Blanks. Botanical name: Guibourtia demeussi. These knives are made by Jean Dubost. Sharp,Dark Tone with Great Presence.

Myles Gilmer of Gilmer Wood Co. Due to export regulations, bubinga is currently available within the U.

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