Birdseye maple lumber for sale

Same species as typical hard white maple , yet featuring this distinctive figure. Buy individual boards and see pictures of each. Birdseye Maple Exotic Wood and Birdseye Maple Lumber for Sale from C. Curly Figured Luthier Wood for wood workers and instrument makers.

Want to save money, buy more wood and we will both be happy!

We carry Hard Maple wood please visit our site to learn more about Hard Maple lumber.

Other causes are: -Parasite fungi which causes irregularity in .

We have provided this instrument grade maple to many well . We cannot take photographs of all available wood we have. We will take photos of all exhibition and Premier quality grade wood and gun stock wood for our . All our lumber comes to us directly from the north woods of Wisconsin and. Birdseye and Curly Maple Flooring: custom orders – the customer may.

As we buy lumber for my handcrafted reproduction furniture, we always seem to get extra. Now is the time to buy wood , DND Hardwoods has many different lumber packs to choose. If you have been looking for Birdseye . Home of hand- crafted wood products made from birdseye maple. Now you can enjoy unique gifts . In the old days, the lumber salesman that called on us would come in and drone on…. The highest grade assigned by the hardwood association and dried to a . Most notable in Hard Maple, Birdseye grain . See contact information and details about DJ Smearer Inc Specialty Lumber Products and.

We specialize in birdseye and curly maple logs and products. I took some photos of my birdseye maple trees this weekend in the rain. You are buying the exact slab of lumber in the images shown. All exotic and domestic wood slabs . Macassar Ebony lumber and to Macassar Ebony veneer.

Matched Cherry, Walnut and Tiger Maple table tops that are kept together from the log. Please check out our Online Store for Material available for purchase. Our selection of Birdseye Hard Maple Figured Hardwood lumber.

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