Month: May 2018

Garage door release cord

Contact Precision Door Services of Spokane for garage repair needs! At some point, you may have to use the release cord of your garage door but may not know how to reconnect it. If possible, only use the release cord when the garage is in the down . Power go out and you had to open your garage door manually? I had to pull the emergency release to get my car out of the garage in time for the .

Disengage the emergency release.

You must pull down on the emergency release handle in order to detach the opener from the garage.

If you decide to operate the door manually, it is recommended that you either close or brace the door before pulling the release cord , and that . If necessary, hook the red cord and pull it to release it or pull it toward the door . In fact, the garage door company and news media that first aired the. These emergency release kits are very simple devices – they connect to the pull- cord on the garage door opener, allowing you to disconnect . This lever is largely ignored . In order to manually open your automatic garage door , the first thing that you need to do is find your emergency release cord. (more…)

Glass front door with sidelights

Panel Primed White Right-Hand Steel Prehung Front Door with in. Between Glass Left-Hand Fan Lite 4-Panel Classic Painted Steel Prehung Front Door . Find and save ideas about Entry door with sidelights on Pinterest. Many woo glass , grille, size and shapes available.

We offer woo fiberglass, and steel entry door units, all at deep discounts.

You can add one or two, and customize the size, shape and glass type to .

Our custom entry door sidelites are available with tempered insulated glass , leaded beveled or stained glass , or leaded glass insulated on both sides for energy .

Sidelights are the windows that flank either side of your entry door. Your front door with sidelights can have decorative glass with intricate designs and color patterns. For instance, if you want the elegant look of sidelights but . Exterior Front Entry Valencia Deluxe Wood Door with Sidelights. The panels that run parallel on either side of your front door are called sidelights , and the glass inside them can be replaced.



Shiplap wood

Add rustic character to your home with shiplap walls. The only problem is that rarely is the wood she calls shiplap actually shiplap ! Installing your own shiplap can be super easy! Comparison of both types of woos accent wall including detailed DIY tutorial, tips and supply list.

Even though we were painting the whole room white (including the shiplap ), we did not paint the wall prior to hanging the wood.

Do you know the difference between shiplap and tongue and groove when it .

You can also fill any nail holes with wood filler and sand it smooth if you want .

UFP-Edge charred wood uses the Japanese technique of shou-sugi-ban to create carefully burned shiplap and trim for unique accent walls and other interior . Exterior siding made of authentic exotic hardwood is known to outlast and outperform cedar and other wood siding options. Traditionally, shiplap consists inexpensive wood , such as pine, with rabbets cut into the opposite faces of each board. (more…)


Oil modified polyurethane

Our oil – modified polyurethane finish of choice is made by DuraSeal. Shop minwax satin oil – modified 128-fl oz polyurethane in the polyurethanes section of Lowes. I just used water based oil modified clear gloss Minwax polyurethane and was pretty upset at how yellow it is. Free 2-day shipping on qualified orders over $35.

Find out which finish is the best for you project, water-based or oil based polyurethane.

ZAR ULTRA MAX Waterborne Oil Modified.

If wood surface becomes marred or scratche simply sand lightly .

Oil-base whose proper name is “ oil – modified urethane,” is produced by reacting . Polyurethane is durable, easy to apply, and comes in both. Two types of stoving paints have been prepared from Mesua ferrea L. MFLSO) modified poly(urethane ester) (PUE) binder systems. Specially formulated to beautify and protect . Water based oil – modified polyurethane is used to protect and beautify interior wood surfaces such as floors Ultra-fast drying, with low odour. Low VOC Oil Modified Gym Sealer Polyball Resistant.



How to build sawhorses with 2×4

Sawhorses are workshop staples that make instant tables, scaffolding, and drying racks. Build these strong sawhorses quickly so you can get . If the top gets cut-up or damage just replace it with another 2×4. I originally saw something like these in the family . See more ideas about Diy sawhorse , Folding sawhorse and Wood shop organization.

Easy Heavy Duty 2xSawhorses (Ana White).

I have seen some pretty fancy saw horses here on the internet.

Hope you enjoy this post and find my plans helpful. For more project ideas, follow me on Pinterest. How to make easy 2xsawhorse plans. These sawhorses are extremely strong and easy to make. When we built our sawhorses using these . In this Building Skills article, associate editor . Learn how to build your own folding sawhorses here.

This DIY sawhorse table is featured in our Style Challenge article about creating an. Build an economical sawhorse for your homestead that will look like pure gold to the hassled. Then in the center of each base, fasten two 2xuprights. You can see the extra 2xsupports running from.



Marine grade mahogany plywood

Decorative marine plywood TEAK, SAPELE, CHERRY. We are happy to be able to provide Fijian mahogany for your boatbuilding. Marine grade plywood now in Mahogany ! The exterior- grade AC fir plywood that Dynamite Payson advocated was already in precipitous decline.

When boat building with plywood always use the best quality you can afford.

For hulls and decks, my advice is to always use marine grade.

Special construction features of marine grade plywood include:.

White Oak, Honduras Mahogany and African Mahogany. What are the requirements for marine grade plywood and what is the difference between marine grade and exterior grade plywood. Most stitch-and-glue boats should be built from marine grade Mahogany plywood . There are several types of Mahogany plywood that may be use but African . They were made of marine grade mahogany ply wood. Robbins Super- Elite is made from multi-laminate mahogany veneers throughout for durability and stability. (more…)


Craftsman style interior trim

View our profiles and sizes. The style fell out of favor with the onset of the colonial revival and the desire to have lighter and brighter interiors. The result has been that the trim profiles are . Many of these homes have interior woodwork that required advanced. Make your windows look oh-so-chic with craftsman style interior window trim !

We share the full instructions on how to do it yourself in this post!

Porch parts, staircases, and mantels define the style and may even vary by region.

Victorian home where the style was more elaborate. Josh, the manager, knew exactly the right shaker- style casings and. Materials for the project Side Casings – (2) 1X4X96 . I am so stoked that Kilz is our primer sponsor for our Key West Conch house renovation. Find the right ones for your house here. I did have to include the interior trim pieces that may not be required . Things like crown molding, solid-core craftsman doors, beadboard in the bathroom, and built-ins galore.



Hardwood floor gaps

Large gaps in wood floors that do not close up in summer months. During winter months complaints usually start trickling in. The best times to repair hardwood floors are . In this video, I show you how to fill in gaps between hardwood flooring with wood filler.

The process is relatively simple.

Notice the important word here: permanently.

Woodfiller can temporarily fill anything, even the annoying gaps that .

Directions on how to prevent the problem of gaps (commonly referred to as cracks) between. During the winter, even the most carefully installed wood floors tend to dry out and shrink. Q: I would like to fill the gaps between my hardwood floor boards. The wood shrinks because it loses moisture, and gaps appear.

If your wood floor shows gaps in the winter, wait until the spring, when the indoor environment . If the cracks are along the seams between floor boards, any repair. The Importance of proper relative humidity with wood floors, cracks, gaps , splits, problems with hardwood floors. (more…)


Water heater insulation jacket

Check with your utility to see if they offer water heater insulating blankets at low prices or offer rebates. Denim Insulation Hot Water Heater Blanket. The blanket insulates water heaters.

So there you are walking through your favorite home improvement store and there is an insulation blanket or kit for water heaters. An insulation blanket can make some water heaters more energy efficient.

If your water heater is located in unconditioned space (a garage, basement, or attic) or .

To determine if adding an insulation blanket would improve the energy efficiency of your water heater , touch it.

Dave Mars shows you how to insulate an electric or gas water heater to save energy and money. A water heater insulation blanket can reduce these standing losses, offering water heater blanket energy savings of as much as $4. One way to cut this cost is to insulate your water heater. How to install water heater insulation blanket on gas and electric models. (more…)