Month: August 2015

Treated lumber at menards

Protect your building project against decay and termites with our selection of ACtreated lumber. If you want your project to have the natural beauty of wood with added benefits, our selection of treated wood products have been pressure treated to prevent . My experience is that Menards treated , ground contact rated lumber will fail far quicker than you are led to believe. They used to carry the green-colored pressure- treated lumber.

The revolutionary pressure treated lumber for decks, fences, landscaping and general outdoor construction uses.

Every piece meets the highest grading standards for strength and appearance.

This lumber is pressure treated in order to protect it from termites, fungal decay, .

Warning labels from the CCA- treated wood were found in the mulch. A forester in Indiana got deathly sick sawing pressure- treated wood to build picnic tables. Three quarterhorses in Clay County, Fla.

The big-box lumber dealers named in the suit are Home Depot and Menards. The EPA recommends that CCA- treated wood not be converted into mulch. (more…)

Exotic wood store

Fine exotic woods , domestic woods and rare hardwoods are our specialty! Wide selection of exotic wood at great prices. You want the best hardwood lumber to build your woodworking projects?

Walnut, cherry, maple, and all fine exotic woods are right here with easy online . Choose from thousands of pieces of exotic wood.

Samples of each of our woods are on display.

Borneo to Zimbabwe, and built up contacts and sources of supply of rare and exotic wood.

Exotic Woods Blog by West Penn Hardwoods. Variety Lumber Pack Shipping Included! Visit our Schaumburg Rockler location to shop our quality selection of exotic lumber , specialty wood-stock, hardware, power tools and other woodworking . Tasmanian Rose Myrtle Book-Matched Slabs.

Over 1species of hardwoods, softwoods and exotic woods. Here you will find wood from all over the world. And much cheaper than the big box stores. From exotic lumber , to domestic and hardwood varieties, to reclaimed wood and more, Forest Products Associates has been providing high quality wood to . (more…)


How to wire a toggle switch to a lamp

This video describes toggle switches , including different configurations and terminology. Make turning lamps on and off easier by installing an in line cord switch. The toggle switch is used to either break or connect the hot line.

The black wire coming in to the lamp should be connected to one of the black . A cord switch makes it easy to turn hard-to-reach lamps on and off.

Lamp switches near the bulb can be awkward to reach, especially if the shade is large.

Installing an inline cord switch is an easy project that .

This page contains wiring diagrams for four different types of lamps. Toggle switches are short handled snap-action switches that turn on and off, and otherwise control all types of electrical and automotive . Plus, see how to add accessory wires ! A few lamp sockets, and switches that are not as simple as two wires . There are many ways to control and automate your lights with SmartThings. If you choose to control your overhead lighting with smart switches . (more…)


White pine lumber for sale

Hearne Hardwoods with over 1species of domestic and exotic hardwoods in stock, is one of the largest specialty lumber yards in the world. The biggest supplier of Pine lumber based on Cape Cod with warehouses of eastern white pine boards, paneling, barnboar posts, beams, and more! Choose Stonewood for all of your clear eastern white pine. Ward Lumber is one of the largest manufacturers of eastern white pine in New York.

Our 1×Clear White Pine (aka Radiata Pine) lumber is sold by the linear foot with standard lengths of 8′ to 16′.

Our success is in the consistency and the quality of the wood that we supply.

All pricing is for Eeastern White Pine add for Hemlock.

Our mill capacity allows us to offer lumber at very low prices and carry unique products not available . Ohio Woodlands sells pine live edge pine wood. Salvaged white pine wood for custom woodworking and woodturning. Choosing the right wood for your woodworking or construction project is not as hard. (more…)


Door opening sound

The most popular site for professional sound effects in the world. The Door sounds in this column are collected from the web and are . All Door Sounds in both Wav and MPformats Here are the sounds that have been tagged with. Also: clunk click, every trip (click the seatbelt on after clunking the car door sound of an automatic glass door opening (ref).

Free door wav mpsound effects.

Door opening , closing, creaking, etc.

The sound effect used for doors opening and closing in the game DOOM has rapidly become one of the Stock Sound Effects and is one of the few sound effects .

It is impossible to hear the door opening sound when another player interacts with this door. Download and buy high quality Open Door sound effects. Artist: free- sound -effects-automobile. Train door opening , car boot opening. From gardens to gables, museums to mansions, Doors Open Owen Sound gives . Science fiction, spacecraft door open with air release.

Tap Silence to disable sound for the . (more…)


Best insulation for exterior walls

The most effective places to add insulation to older homes are exterior walls , attics,. The best practice for increasing the R-value in exterior walls is to protect them. The type of insulation you need depends on where it will be installe what R- values. Typical recommendations for exterior walls are R-to R-2 while R- 3 R-and.

Definitely want to use insulation between the brick and sheathing.

I would like to do 2xwalls with the continuous exterior panels, an inch or .

What are the options for radically improving their wall insulation ?

To choose the best type of insulation , you should first determine the following:. It is very effective in exterior wall sheathing, interior sheathing for basement . What is the best fiberglass insulation for 2xand 2xwalls ? By Joe Carter of This Old House magazine. Current standards in most parts of the U. In exterior walls , kraft-faced fiberglass insulation helps control temperature and humidity inside the structure.

The benefit of foam insulation in the exterior wall when it comes to . (more…)


Beach tent reviews

The OutdoorMaster Pop Up Beach Tent is by far my favorite pick. Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent , I bit the . Here is the short review of each best beach tent that we selected for you. Currently, the best beach shelter is the Lightspeed Outdoors. researchers have been writing reviews of the latest beach cabanas since .

With its polyester coating, the baby beach tent is not.

Whether at the beach or just in the backyar a beach tent provides you and your family with important protection from the sun and the .

If yes, here are some of the best beach rent reviews you will find . Tired of the scorching sun, ultraviolet beams and pesky surprise attacks of the killer baby turtles? Robinson Crusoe would have loved one. Looking for the best beach canopy ? We tested five of the top products on the market. We wrestled with tent shade poles, got crafty with guy . Quick-Up Cabana Style XL Beach Tent information and reviews here.

Read on to know what features to look for and to know our top pick. (more…)


Patch hole in wall

Our handyman shows you how to patch drywall. From the smallest dent to large holes , there are several ways to fix surface defects on your walls. Learn to patch and repair drywall. Fix damaged walls with these DIY repairs you can do.

We show you how to reinforce and patch the hole properly.

Place the patch over the hole and pencil its outline on the damaged wall.

Although the drywall is rarely in danger of falling off the wall , the bumps are .

One of the most common causes are door handles punching through plasterboard walls . Patching drywall is easier than it looks: you just . With drywall covering just about every square inch of your . How to repair cracks and holes in plaster. Luckily, Selleys has the perfect product for any . Wall and ceiling repair patches made . Lou Manfredini shares tips for fixing unwanted holes in walls , keeping gutters unclogged and repairing the toilet. (more…)


Big leaf maple

She generously spreads her arms to shade all who seek shelter under her glorious . Each leaf on this deciduous tree can be up to two feet wide! When most people think of trees in the Willamette Valley, they think of Oregon White Oak. Acer macrophyllum Pursh Show All Show Tabs bigleaf maple. However Western Bigleaf Maple is one of the .

Bigleaf maple also supports abundant epiphytic growth on branches and boles in moist climates.

The Biogeography of Bigleaf Maple : Alicia Mariscal, SFSU.

SHOWING RECORD: of Bigleaf Maple . Small to large tree with broa rounded crown of spreading or drooping branches and the largest leaves of all . Their golden-green color is also . Photo Locations: Washington Park Arboretum – Seattle, WA, Stanfor CA, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic . It is widespread in the Coast Ranges, the Klamath-Siskiyou Mountains, and the foothills of the Cascade . Learn about bigleaf maple and how its sap can be turned to syrup. (more…)


Diy window grids

I may order plain windows and add these myself! Save money, Mullions between glass can look tacky, No limit to design, Change when you like, Can make . Window companies often use sliding-pin hardware . Disclaimer: Oran Limited reserves all rights to this video and is not responsible for any independent efforts on behalf of the viewer to emulate . We build new or replacement custom made-to-order window grilles to your specifications.

Choose from multiple wood species for decorative interior applications .

I realized that the screws that went into the interior plastic grid held the whole thing together.

You know, the cheap ones that are pressed up against the window and always fall out. And here is the tutorial for how to add grilles to plain jane garage door windows! Pretty Handy Girl : Diy Home Decor Blogs says:. Faux Window Muntins (or Grilles).

They come in woo vinyl, metal and plastic . (more…)