Month: August 2015

Diy tarp shelter

The simplest shelter of all, the tarp is incredibly versatile when pitched as appropriate for the conditions. The trick is to understand the weather . Drought USA (Secure unlimited fresh, clean water) – A DIY Project. This ultralight mainstay transforms from an A-frame sleeping shelter to a. Our survival blogger Tim MacWelch rounds up the top shelters for wilderness emergencies.

Find out how to build them and when to use .

Prepping, Homesteading, Survival, DIY and other topics!

And even though the tarp is open all aroun it is probably warmer than the tent you are currently using. Worried about camping in the rain? Pre-Cut HEXTarp Kit, Charcoal Gray.

The tarp without the stakes and pole . Canopy kits, poly tarps and frame fittings for building tarp canopies and temporary carports. If you look at the majority of outdoor shelters in history, you will find that most of them were improvised. DIY tarp tent – how to make your shelter during hiking. (more…)

Drywall arch

Having the correct tools and knowledge is very key to successfully . Drywall arches are not as difficult to build and finish as one might think. Once you have your drywall cut and up on the wall, you only need to cover . After we have shown you how to build the frame and the drywall arch , it is time to continue the project with the . Hanging drywall over ceilings, arches , and curves takes more patience and requires more hands than drywalling walls.

I cut out the frame of wood and drywall that previously .

Prefabricated Framing Arch Kit $19.

Arch -Flex Composite Drywall Joint Tape . Ever wonder how to create an arched opening in drywall ? Install drywall extender for arch. Cut two pieces of drywall 15-inches-high and as wide as the opening. With the piece shaped in the form that you need for the archway , attach it using drywall screws.

Apply tape to the outer edge and mud to secure the sheetrock in . This story shows how to install composite corner bead in an archway. (more…)


Sheetrock patch

From the smallest dent to large holes, there are several ways to fix surface defects on your walls. Learn to patch and repair drywall. TOH general contractor Tom Silva shows how to patch -up drywall , in under steps.

Install patch drywall screws – Patching Large Holes Wallboard. Drywall Repair Self Adhesive Wall Patch .

Position the screws at least an inch .

Sand the surface smooth around the hole.

For holes up to about six inches across, a variety of drywall patch kits are . These are available at big-box home centers and hardware stores. Sheetrock repair made easy: how to patch and repair different sizes of drywall holes from small to large. Patching drywall or fixing holes in sheetrock is fairly simple. Small drywall holes can be repaired with drywall compound. With drywall covering just about every square inch of your . This sheetrock repair patch is constructed of in.

California drywall patches are one of the most common ways of repairing small to medium sized holes in drywall. (more…)


Polyisocyanurate foil faced

R-values for AP Foil – Faced Foam . Walls,2xWalls,Attics,Basements . Rmax R-Matte Plus Polyiso Rigid Foam Insulation Board is perfect to use with wall. Installed it on each door panel cut to fit with the foil side facing outward. It is constructed from closed cell .

Foil – faced polyiso insulation for above-grade wall applications .

Foil faced polyiso goes from absorbing 1.

This construction uses XPS slotted rigid insulation (attached to wall through 1xfurring strips) and foil – faced polyisocyanurate rigid . Because it can absorb water, polyiso is not recommended for use under slabs or on the exterior of foundation walls. The foil facing , however, makes it an . Note to Specifier: Use this section for foil faced polyisocyanurate insulation boards such as EnergyShiel EnergyShield PRO and EnergyShield PROby Atlas . They include expanded polystyrene, extruded polystyrene, and polyisocyanurate unfaced or foil faced. DOW products has lots of information on their site about . (more…)


Terramai wood

TerraMai provides distinctive, one-of-a-kind reclaimed wood products for premiere commercial and residential projects throughout the world. An exquisite selection of reclaimed wood paneling: Asian and South American . The most unique selection of reclaimed wood flooring: Asian and South . Our handcrafted tops are available in a . Our table and countertops were .

In addition to offering the broadest selection of .

TerraMai PDX sells furniture, flooring, and other items made with reclaimed wood .

Get company and product information. Renowned the world over for its beauty and durability. Terramai has just released two new hardwood flooring products, Rose Mix and Golden Rose. If you judged them by the lush colors and quality finish alone, ei.

Reclaimed wood is an important, relatively new option for . Run your hands over reclaimed Teak, . Matt and the team were awesome. Five Furnishings and Finishes That Bring Wood Indoors. TerraMai takes an eco -friendly approach to tropical hardwoods, sourcing its material . (more…)


Replacing dryer outlet

Electric clothes dryers operate on 220-volt current, which is twice the amount of current supplied by standard household receptacles. What is the Difference Between 3-Slot and 4-Slot Dryer Outlets ? From picking its location, fishing and wire, installing the . Replace the access panel – Change Dryer Cord. Fit the strain relief bracket into the cord access hole and evenly .

Here are instructions for replacing a .

Never fall for the big box store “handyman fix ” and simply replace the plug attached to your dryer !

This is against National Electrical Code standards and while it . Remove the 3-Wire Dryer Cord and install the replacement 4-Wire Dryer Cord. What do you do when your new dryer cord does not match the existing receptacle ? This article explains the correct code compliant steps you need to take. As Karen mentions, before starting to work on your dryer make sure it is unplugged and the breaker to the dryer is switched off to avoid getting shocked. (more…)


Spalted wood for sale

You can identify spalting by the distinct black and brown lines winding through the light and dark patches in the wood. Figured Hardwood Lumber For Sale from CR Muterspaw Lumber , specializing in the sale of all kinds of Figured Lumber and. We sell two types of spalted wood : native spalted wood and sustainably harvested tropical spalted wood.

Curly Figured Luthier Wood for wood workers and instrument makers. We carry Soft Maple wood please visit our site to learn more about Soft Maple lumber.

Large selection of quilted or curly maple figured lumber , walnut, myrtle and hardwoods.

This allows customers to buy color-matched hardwood lumber for their.

Northwest Timber offers exotic wood lumber including quilted maple, spalted . Quality Wood Slabs and Handcrafted Live Edge Furniture For Sale. Hand Crochet Rustic Apple Green Handmade Crocheted boho-chic neck wrap neck warmer with genuine spalted wood butt. If the wood has been rescued from the spalting at the right time, the lumber . (more…)


Batt and board

How to install board and batten siding. DIY board and batten exterior – cost, pictures, and step by step guide. The Traditional Look of Alternating Wide and Narrow Cedar Boards.

Dow Thermax polyisocyanurate sheathing with aluminum facing on both . Board and batten exterior siding costs range from $2.

Siding costs depend on design, material .

Board -and- batten siding—often called “ board and batt ” or “barn siding”—has been used for centuries.

The boards run vertically, with narrow . See more ideas about Vertical siding, Farmhouse exterior colors and Home exterior colors. Just follow the step-by-step instructions. Notice how the design team played with proportion . Browse 2photos of Batten And Board Siding. We are in the middle of installing siding on one of our current projects.

To match the siding details on an existing building on . Dating back to the th century, this siding type was . Whether used for your entire home or business or simply as an accent, board and batten is . (more…)


Lumber futures news

Lumber Futures and commodity market news. Breaking financial news is brought to you Courtesy of TFC Commodity Charts. News headlines from around the . Month, Open, Daily High, Daily Low, Last, Settle, Pt. Settlement prices on instruments without open interest or volume are provided .

Investors and wood users who bet on lower lumber prices following the .

For example, if prices move from $262.

The price of lumber futures came down modestly in the last week, but the trend since late January is unmistakable. Each contract is for 110board feet (2cubic meters). LUMBER FUTURES :CME on Futures Commodities markets. Trading ideas for futures commodities LB1! Traders can buy random-length lumber futures on the Chicago . The futures contract traded on Chicago Mercantile Exchange specifies that the lumber must be.

The profitability of the underlying companies is sensitive to market prices , making these funds . Both of these events can increase the demand for lumber. (more…)


Southern building code


Information about building code officials, code books, building permit departments,. Learn how southern building code may differ from other areas.


Search by state or city to find building codes for your area.

These building codes are provided in partnership with ICCsafe. Improved safety, sustainability . Design for Code Acceptance (DCA) – Prescriptive Residential Deck. Plumbing Code Ordinance Revision. The process of developing building codes in the United States is very methodical, . What is the current state of building codes for Texas cities? Building Codes in Effect for South Carolina (PDF Format).

Perhaps you will find it useful to review how building codes affect your home, both. Codes and Standards for P1general requirements. If you would like to help, please see . Maximum floor joist spans for the SPECIES AND GRADE “ Southern Pine” to read as . (more…)